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The Kingdom of plants abounds in ingredients having a salutary effect on our Health. People have benefited of nature from many centuries. Nowadays, the folk (natural) medicine is back in grace. Use of herbs and fruit has become more and more important because of discovering side effects of chemical drugs and broader understanding of the rules of ecology and the natural need to stay closer to the Nature. It’s worth underlining that usage of plants as safe substances to eliminate diseases are only one from among many possible options of their application. They also play an important role in supporting full fitness, aid to survive vital forces and prevent development of many disorders.

Herbal and fruit teas BIOFIX it’s the product which cannot be absent in any medicine cabinet at home. These are entirely natural products, so they are safe and, in the contrary to chemical drugs, they do not have side effects. They are produced only from the highest quality components, originating from the ecological plantations situated in the most clean regions of Poland. Their additional advantage is that they are easy and convenient to prepare. Health is the basis – drink fruit and herb BIOFIX teas.